About Priscilla A. 
Priscilla A. is an actress, writer, producer, and filmmaker.  She loves telling stories that are full of emotions, and drama with twists and turns.  Even so, her stories emulate real life situations.
They reflect the drama of all of our lives; the love, joy, and excitement we feel; as well as the disappointment, pain, confusion, sadness, and a range of other emotions.  Priscilla wants to tell stories that get people in touch with their souls, and broaden their horizons.  She wants to encourage people to see situations from another perspective, in a way that is educational and enlightening, yet entertaining, and thought provoking, reaching beyond your visual, beyond your mind, to your soul. 
Since early adulthood Priscilla has been involved in the entertainment industry, as a model and actress, writer, etc.  When she wrote and produced her first independent film, she found that she has a passion and talent for being behind the camera, as well as being in front of it.  With encouragement from professionals in the industry, and guidance from her heavenly father she's found her purpose, and is on a course to make films that bring awareness to issues that face our world today, in an entertaining and provocative format. 
Priscilla has a professional, direct, customer focused attitude.  She is hard working, and committed to doing whatever it takes to get the project done and has high levels of excellence whether writing and producing her own projects or yours. 
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