Do You Want Your Business Featured in a Movie?
Movies last a lifetime so why not use this opportunity to advertise your company or product visually in one?  Marketing of your product or service in films offers a way for you to market to a massive, and broad audience, whose attention is focused on the movie in which your product will appear.  Being a Sponsor or Product Marketing Client allows us to  market the film via internet, radio and TV advertising, which is more publicity for  your product or service. It will also help us reach more people in different areas through screenings and participation in film festivals around the world.  The more the film is screened, the more free advertising you get!  Some popular festivals we intend to participate in are, WorldFest in Houston, UrbanWorld in NYC, Miami Film Festival, LA Film Festival, Sundance and  Cannes Film Festivals.   If we receive distribution through theaters, TV/Cable, or DVD outlets, exposure for your product or service will be nationwide, and possibly worldwide.
Are You Looking for a Lucrative Investment Opportunity?
Being an Investor, allows us to produce a picture with the newest equipment and hottest talent.  This increases the chances of more people viewing our film and obtaining a distribution deal.  There are hundreds of independent films on DVD in major outlets and TV networks.  Many have even secured theatrical releases, such as Friday, The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.  These were all made for less than $50,000 but grossed millions.
For those interested in these as well as investment opportunities, please contact Priscilla A at 318-605-1120 or
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